Writing quote

Sure, it's simple writing for kids...Just as simple as raising them.
— Ursula K. LeGuin

Monday, December 3, 2007


I've just figured out how to embed hyperlinks into the body of my blog, thanks to my web programmer, Marc Carson, (see? I did it, Marc!). It' so cool! Now, all I have to do is resist the temptation to link to everything!

Speaking of links, Children's Book Insider, has come out with a new e-book, "I Wish Someone Had Told Me That!", a compilation of words of wisdom and advice from 64 published children's book authors. And I'm on page 108! More than 60 authors opened up and shared their thoughts about literary lessons learned during the writing and publishing process. Jon Bard, Managing Editor of Children's Book Insider, and the editor of this e-book says in his introduction, "Some are touching, some are funny, some are true nuts & bolts. But all of the responses are truly inspirational."

You can purchase the e-book, by clicking on the above link.