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Sure, it's simple writing for kids...Just as simple as raising them.
— Ursula K. LeGuin

Saturday, September 24, 2011


   Beautiful day at the Sonoma Book Fair today! Last year, it was blistering hot at this event. We had a good spot under a shady tree, but I felt sorry for those who appeared to be sweltering in the heat. This year, though, it was so cool and breezy that I had to keep my sweater on most of the day.
   Goosebottom Books shared a booth with K.O. Books, the publishing imprint of author/illustrator, Kathryn Otoshi, the author of the popular One and Zero books, and publisher of our very own goose, Liz Hockinson's (Marie Antoinette, Madame Deficit) first book, Marcello, The Movie Mouse. Dastardly Dame Goose, Mary Fisk Pack (Cleopatra, Serpent of the Nile) arrived in full Cleopatra garb and looked absolutely fab. Cleopatra was definitely our big seller today!
   At noon, I headed to the Redwood Writer's Circle where I got to set up at a book-signing table. Not much in terms of sales there, but I had fun chatting with the two writers at the tables next to me. I did sell one Otto's Rainy Day though. Ah well. One is better than none.
   Mary and Liz did a reading of their books at the children's circle. It was very fun to listen to. Great job, Lady Geese!
   I think overall, Goosebottom Books had a decent day in sales, and we all had fun wallowing in the literary atmosphere.

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