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Thursday, February 23, 2012


   So, you have a book coming out? First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! That's a huge accomplishment. And you thought the hard work was done! It really is just beginning. Marketing and Promoting is not usually a writer's forte, but it's the reality in today's publishing climate. So, where do you start to get buzz? A blog tour is a good option. If you arrange one on your own, you can do it from your own home, and it's relatively inexpensive. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind:

1) Find blogs that mirror what you do. For example, I write children's books, so I'd look for blogs that blog about or review children's books.
2) Choose a schedule that works for you. Do you want to have a blog post every day for a month? That might entail finding 30 different bloggers to host you. Or maybe you just want to have a blog post twice a week.
3) Follow your targeted blogs for awhile to see if the posts/guest posts are in line with your expectations. Remember, anyone can set up a blog out there, so all blogs are not made equal. Do those blogs share the same philosophy? Goals? Are they well-written?Professional in tone or presentation (having a post on a sloppy, amateurish blog can reflect on your book and image as an author too)?
4) Offer something in exchange. A free signed copy of your book that the hosts can use for a giveaway. Promote their blogs on your social media sites and your website. Offer to guest blog for them or host them for any future book tours.

Here are some helpful sites I've found to get your blog tour started and for finding those bloggers:

The Quickest Blog Tour Guide Ever
The Book Publicity Blog
A Blogger's Books
KidLitoSphere Central
Dear Editor.com

Happy Blog Touring!

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