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Sure, it's simple writing for kids...Just as simple as raising them.
— Ursula K. LeGuin

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Ta-Da! The SACAJAWEA OF THE SHOSHONE BLOG TOUR has been finalized. It begins on Oct. 3 with a Guest Post on the Frolicking Through Cyperspace blog. See the full schedule in the sidebar. Will I write about how to write narrative non-fiction for kids? My transformation into Sacajawea for my reading at the Sonoma County Book Festival? Trimming masses amount of research notes into 2500 words? Finding my agent? What would you like to know about? As part of the tour, I have several guest posts coming up, so I'll answer your questions in my tour posts and link to your website or social media site. Post your questions in the comment section on this post! There will also be a couple of giveaways of free signed copies of Sacajawea of the Shoshone, and a fun contest or two. Stay tuned for more information or subscribe to my blog to follow the tour!


  1. Hi,
    I saw your post on the Children's and Author's page on Facebook. I was wondering what your best marketing strategy would be for building up a following online?
    I have a blog on the site below, if you would like to link to it or give it a mention? Thanks!
    Amanda J Harrington

    1. Great question, Amanda! And a timely one in today's social media climate. I'll answer it on one of the tour stops and reference and link to your site then. I'll let you know when it posts. In the meantime, I'll pop over to your site and give it a look. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I can't wait to have you stop by my blog, Natasha! I'm excited to be the first stop on your tour!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting me, Heather! I love your blog site.