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Sure, it's simple writing for kids...Just as simple as raising them.
— Ursula K. LeGuin

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


   Wow! I can't believe my last post was in November. I had meant to take a short hiatus during the holidays which is always crazy time for me with 4 birthdays weaved in between the pumpkin-carving, gingerbread cookie-baking, and mad Christmas shopping. My New Year's resolution for this year? Start X'mas shopping in July!
   So, here we are: 2013. April, 2013. A quarter of the year has come and gone already. How did that happen? So, here's a quick recap so far: I started a part-time job in November which is great for the family finances, not so great for the writing. I'm learning to have to be a lot more disciplined (which is a struggle at the moment) and to settle on one huge writing day: Fridays, my only day off. March has been extremely busy as it's Women in History Month, so a lot of school visits and presentations. I've done several author visits around Sacajawea of the Shoshone which have been so much fun, a presentation in an English Class at my alma mater, Dominican University, a presentation on Cixi, The Dragon Empress at the Asian Art Museum, and one about writing narrative non-fiction at the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) North Bay meeting in Sebastopol.
  Creatively, I'm working on a new picture book, my young adult contemporary multi-cultural fiction, and finalizing text and illustration edits for Charlesbridge Publishing for my upcoming book Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas (Jan., 2014) which I'm very excited about. After such a long road for this story, it will be so satisfying to see this one in print! Here's a sneak peak at the adorable cover (illustrations are by the wonderful Grace Zong).


  1. You've been incredibly busy - and productive! Not so sure about the Christmas shopping in July...well maybe it would work in California!

    Would love to see the cover art for GOLDY LUCK but the image is a blank white square...

  2. Oops! Thanks for letting me know, Cathy! I'm not sure what happened. But all fixed now, albeit a little late.