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Sure, it's simple writing for kids...Just as simple as raising them.
— Ursula K. LeGuin


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Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas (Charlesbridge Publishing, 2014)

   One Chinese New Year, Goldy L uck's mother asks her to take a plate of turnip cakes to the neighbors. The Chans aren't home, but that doesn't stop goldy from trying out their rice porridge, their chairs, and their beds--with disastrous results.

   In this funny and festive retelling, Natasha Yim and Grace Zong introduce a plucky heroine who takes responsibility for her actions and makes a new friend (and a whole plate of turnip cakes!), just in time for Chinese New Year.

   Includes back matter about Chinese New Year and a recipe for turnip cakes.

   A picture book biography of Sacajawea of the Lewis and Clark expedition. It's one of seven books in the series, The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Real Princesses.

One minute she was picking berries and the next her tribe was under attack. Running for her life, Sacajawea was scooped up and taken far away from her village and family—and into history. From her mountain home to the banks of the Missouri River, over the majestic Rockies to the pounding waves of the Pacific, Sacajawea would travel farther than any American woman of her time.

   Richly illustrated and smartly narrated, this book brings to life the story of the real and remarkable Shoshone princess who helped Captains Lewis and Clark navigate their way across the American West. 

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   A picture book biography of Cixi, the last empress of China. It's one of seven books in the series, The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Dastardly Dames.

The last empress of China, Cixi, fought ruthlessly to isolate her country from the West, while cloistered inside her lavish Forbidden City ignoring the needs of her people. But was the Dragon Empress evil or just out of touch? 

Gorgeous illustrations and an intelligent, evocative story bring to life a real dastardly dame whose ignorance brought a centuries-old dynasty crashing down, ending the imperial system that had ruled China for millennia.

Listen to an excerpt from the book:

Otto's Rainy Day (Charlesbridge Publishing, Spring 2000), selected as a Kids' Pick of the Lists book.
   A picture book about a boy whose imaginative antics inadvertently wreaks havoc in the house when he can't go outside to play in the rain.

Otto likes rainy days. He likes splashing through puddles and catching raindrops on his tongue. But Mom is busy with paperwork, and Otto is stuck inside. He’ll just have to find something else to do…

Irrepressible Otto lets his imagination loose inside the house - with chaotic results! From his first exciting escapade to the heartwarming conclusion, Otto test his mother's patience while proving the strength of her love.

Pamela R. Levy’s vibrant illustrations extend the story by showing Otto in his imaginary roles.

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